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when you need to take an injection and call a nurse at home

Injections at home – intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous injections, installation of a dropper at home professionally, quickly, affordable and profitable!

The actual question today is injections at home. Almost every person faced such a need, such as taking a course with injecting drugs, vaccinating a child, setting up a dropper, etc. But, you can not always find time and opportunity to visit the clinic.

What to do in this case? Invite a neighbor or a friend? In no case! A shot (injection) is a serious manipulation and an uninformed person can make a mistake both in the dosage of the medicine and in the correctness of the injection, which is fraught with serious consequences. There are drugs that are administered only intravenously or only intramuscularly, in case of an error, irreversible consequences, besides, there are a lot of rules for the introduction of medicines, which are used by professional nurses. If you or your household need to take injections, our company offers the services of a professional nurse. Just give us a call and order the service. Specialists are ready to assist at any time of day 365 days a year.

Advantages of calling a nurse at home:

  • No need to rush to the clinic and stand in lines.
  • It is not necessary to go to hospital if bed rest and intravenous injections are prescribed.
  • Calling a medical officer on the house allows you to carry out the procedure in a calm, familiar for the patient situation, which helps the fastest recovery
  • Children and elderly people find it difficult to transfer their trips to a clinic, because injections at home are something that keeps the nervous system in peace
  • If a person has weakened immunity, then he can “pick up” a virus in the walls of the hospital, which will aggravate the underlying disease.

What is the cost of home based services in Kiev?

The services of a manipulative nurse at home include:

  1. To inject a shot intramuscularly or intravenously
  2. Put a dropper at home

Prices for the work of a nurse on call at home:

  1. Injections intramuscular-100 UAH
  2. Injections (intravenous)-150 UAH
  3. Dropper (90 min.)-200 UAH
  4. Dropper (over 90 min.) – 250 UAH
Subject to ordering the manipulation of the course and immediately paying for the card on the requisites, the discount is 10%

If you need a dropper at home

A dropper at home is a popular type of service whereby a nurse or a medical assistant visits a patient’s home when a hospital stay is difficult. Frequently, doctors prescribe droppers not only to patients who are in the hospital, but to patients who are at home. Droppers are very effective when the patient has violated the water-salt balance of the body, for example, with severe vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, with many diseases of the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular and other systems, etc. However, an experienced (manipulative) nurse, there are a lot of nuances in setting up a dropper, especially for elderly people and everyone who has already had a vein, there are concomitant vascular diseases and in other cases, since an experienced nurse always cares about the patient’s veins ado will then prick.

The process of putting a dropper at home:

  1. The nurse will charge the dropper according to the system filling standard for intravenous infusions and works according to the aseptic / antiseptic rules;
  2. Reliably fixes the needle in the vein (usually fixed with a patch with cotton wool);
  3. The nurse supervises the introduction of medications prescribed by the doctor, the speed of administration (for different drugs, a different speed, expressed in drops per minute);
  4. It monitors the patient’s condition, does not allow complications (leaks, pain, etc.) and the operation of the dropper system;
  5. Removes the dropper, recycles the consumables (you must first soak in des.resvorere, so the relatives / nurse of the patient will take care of the disposal later).

During the introduction, or more correctly, when infusion (infusion) of drugs, side effects and reactions may occur: for example, the needle can move away if the patient moves his hand for example. The nurse knows what to do if there are side effects or complications with intravenous injections, take all preventive measures or eliminate the causes of possible problems, decide on further actions and help.

We draw your attention, though the dropper is at home and is done outside the hospital walls, but is placed only on the prescription of the doctor with the appropriate document. You can always call us or come to the office and we’ll tell you how to proceed correctly: in the end, the patient must win and get a quality service.


medsestra infusio

Капельница на дому

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Intravenous injection technique

Why is our company the best on-call nurse at home?

Специалист приходит в точно назначенный срок и столько раз, сколько необходимо. Уколы в Киеве предлагают в любое удобное для клиента время. У нас работают квалифицированные медсестры, что подтверждено сертификатами, и с большим опытом, которые выполнят любые медицинские манипуляции на высоком уровне качества. Персонал работает с венами любой сложности. Гарантируется чистота и стерильность. Медсестра полностью снабжена необходимым оборудованием: одноразовыми капельницами и шприцами, перевязочным материалом, обеззараживающими средствами, штативом для системы, перчатками и пр. Добросовестное отношение к работе, индивидуальный подход и внимание для каждого отдельного пациента. Доступные цены для людей с различным достатком. Для постоянных клиентов предлагаются скидки от 5%

Доброжелательная медсестра поможет создать благоприятную атмосферу для выполнения манипуляций, а точное расписание и строгий медицинский контроль поспособствуют получению быстрейшего результата от лечения.

Мы предлагаем не только уколы в Киеве, но и прочие медицинские манипуляции. Звоните, узнавайте, договаривайтесь и получайте качественные услуги за умеренную плату, всегда рады Вам помочь!