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How to call a doctor in Kiev?

We offer you a comfortable and quick call of a doctor at home in Kiev – now you do not need to wait long for the doctor’s answer from the clinic, but only dial a number or leave an application on our website. The order of the call-up service of physicians takes place day-in-day from 09:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, weekends and holidays. Doctors carry out consultations both in Kiev and in the Kiev region.

Medical specialties on call at home:

  1. Pediatrician
  2. Therapist
  3. Family doctor
  4. Neurologist
  5. Cardiologist
  6. Surgeon
call the doctor at home

Advantages of calling a doctor at home with us

  1. Do not stand in lines in medical institutions, save your time. The doctor will come when you are comfortable, including a doctor’s emergency call service;
  2. Our doctors give you as much time as you need, and not a standard framework in 10 minutes;
  3. Cold medicines are with the doctor;
  4. Low cost of calling a doctor at home – from 190 hryvnia;
  5. Experienced staff – our doctors undergo rigorous selection, you will be satisfied with the service!


When to call the doctor home?

Doctor’s departure – quickly and on time! If your family has an acute illness or worsened chronic, as well as if there are symptoms:

  1. High temperature over 38 degrees Celsius;
  2. Strong cough and / or runny nose;
  3. General weakness, pain in muscles;
  4. If there is a severe headache, itching of the skin, rash, etc.
  5. Nausea, vomiting


Specialties of doctors on departure to the house in Kiev


Departure therapist at home with symptoms of influenza, as well as with the symptoms of internal diseases.

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Call a children’s doctor at home in Kiev, childhood illnesses: diagnosis and treatment, counseling for prevention.

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Family doctor

Provision of medical assistance regardless of the age and sex of a person. Control of the health of the whole family.

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Diagnosis and treatment of neural diseases, the implementation of blockades and the removal of pain syndromes in neurology.

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Consultation specialist cardiologist, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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Primary examination by a surgeon and consultation, diagnosis, study of pathologies, treatment.

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Стоимость вызова

  1. Therapist – 190 hrn.;
  2. Pediatrician (children under 14 years) – 190 hrn.;
  3. Family doctor – 190 hrn.




вызов врача на дом в Киеве

You can order a call back on our website at any time convenient for you on all questions that interest you.

We are always glad to help you and your relatives!