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Injections and Droppers at home: nursing service

Our service “Call a nurse at home”-is a service to make an injection in Kiev, especially, to put a dropper at home.  As well as many other sister manipulation inexpensively and quickly!  When calling a nurse from 09:00 to 18:00 the prices are given below and here. Besides that, at other time intervals, the cost of the nurse call service + 50%

Popular services, for example:

  1. Injections in/m-150 UAH.
  2. Injections in/in-200 UAH.
  3. Dropper (90 min.)-300 UAH.
  4. Dropper (more than 90 min.)-350 UAH.
  5. Processing bedsores PRO-300 UAH.
  6. Catheterization bladder-350 UAH.
  7. Staging enema-300 UAH.
  8. General Massage-550 UAH.
Nurse at home

Nurse at home

Entrusting the work to our nurses, you can be confident in the quality and professional performance of all the responsibilities assigned to the nurse. Therefore, care and attention to your loved ones

Advantages of calling a nurse at home

Faster and cheaper
Quality of service

Our staff of nurses is not only selected for high professional qualities of employees. We have taken care to ensure that the personal qualities of the nurses meet high ethical requirements: sensitivity, responsiveness, attentiveness, caution, care. Our nurses have many years of experience working with patients who have different illnesses, so they take into account the specifics of the disease, peculiarities, and personality of the patient. And can provide, not only professional help, but also to support morally, to comfort and to inspire hope. No matter how complicated the disease is, whether it is an injury or a fracture, diagnosed or postinsultnoe condition, our nurses will perform all the necessary manipulations at a high professional level. We would like to note that our nurses are focused on constant cooperation with relatives of the patient, and inform relatives not only about the state of health of the patient, but also about the moral condition that the treatment was effective, and the process The recovery went much more efficiently. In addition, our nurses can make purchases of medicines or carry out other assignments in the interests of the patient.


Qualitatively and quickly

After the call, the nurse will arrive within 60-90 minutes or at the time specified by you.
Injections at home

Departure of a nurse for injections at home as prescribed by the doctor within an hour! The cost is 60-150 UAH. depending on the type of injection (injections).

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Installation of a dropper at home

Now it’s even easier to put a dropper: our experienced nurses will put a dropper and monitor the administration of the drugs (only for the doctor’s prescription).

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This section is for caring for patients at home and in the hospital. Choose the service you need, our nurse – the best!

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Installation of urethral catheters of different types for men and women, catheter flushing, catheter care.

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Statement of enemas

All types of enemas are prescribed by the doctor, including cleansing and oil. If necessary, purchase of inventory.

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Services of the masseur: general and therapeutic for adults, and also special for babies and children.

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Several courses are cheaper!

Our customers when ordering several services – a discount of 5%
For many of us, most importantly, the illness of relatives becomes a serious test: financial costs, but in the fact that without having certain skills and skills in patient care, we can not ease their condition or relieve the pain. This applies to both short-term illnesses and long-term illnesses, but in any case debilitating, requiring treatment, and compliance with all prescriptions of the attending physician. In such situations, the most appropriate solution will be a nurse service at home, which, as a qualified specialist, will be able to provide the entire range of procedures prescribed by the doctor.