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What to consider sitter when caring for patients with chronic lung diseases.

The main symptoms (general characteristics) in patients with chronic lung diseases:

1. Low appetite
2. General lethargy, often in the kind of drowsiness, excessive irritability
3. Respiratory disturbances: shortness of breath, harkane sputum, choking attacks
4. General physical weakness and malaise

In view of the above list, the nurse is obliged to execute the following orders:

1. Ventilation and airing of the premises where the patient is located.
2. In no case do not sprayed deodorants in the room, not to provoke a cough or choking attack, do not allow anyone to paint there nails, wash windows with tools, etc.
3. It will be useful to accustom the patient to perform various gymnastic exercises,
Aimed at sparing training of the respiratory system, for example, inflation balloons.
4. Monitor the Otharkivajushhimisja masses, in the presence of blood impurities in the sputum, etc. urgently inform your doctor.
5. Special attention should be paid to the symptoms of tuberculosis: night sweating, cough constant, body temperature rises, as well as rapid weight.

The cause of the condition, which is the attack of bronchial asthma often occurs amid spasm of the bronchi. The main manifestations in this case will be sudden attacks jekspiratornoj shortness of breath, which can end in strangulation, is allocated a lot of thick and viscous sputum.

Bronchial asthma: emergency care in case of seizure and the rules of its provision:

A. First help ease the breath: you need to find a support for the hands-small bed or chair back

b. Give the drug, spray (aerosol) with Medpreparatom, for 4-5 times to inhale.

B. If after inhaling the drug the attack is not docked, you need to call "ambulance".

G. On a breast in a heart area it is necessary to rub a skin cloth or a rag, a towel in a salt-vinegar solution.

F. For distracting effect, place the mustard lastyr on the feet.

7. To Razzhizhit sputum, it is necessary during the attack to give the patient soda at the tip of the knife or 15-20 drops of valerian.

8. Important! You have to be with the patient all the time, try to calm him down. It is necessary not to give to take an additional dose specpreparata as An overdose may cause suffocation or death.

Bronchial diseases

Bronchial diseases

Nursing care for patients with congestive pneumonia:

1. Change of Posture Telapacienta:

1.1. It is best to take a bent Polulezhachuju-polusidjachuju Posture

2. Monitoring the performance of aerobic load by the patient: it is necessary to choose special gymnastics and exercises which are directed on improvement of ventilation of lungs

3. Admission of medicines without delay

4. Physiotherapy procedures: Mustard patches and compresses, only when prescribed by a doctor

5. Special Massazhirovanie of the chest and back, consultation of the Doctor before execution!

6. Regular airing of the room where the patient is located, wet cleaning

7. Special nutrition, rich in minerals and vitamins, food should be digestible.