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Call a therapist at home in Kiev

If it is not possible to go to the clinic or to visit the hospital-call a therapist at home, it is fast and convenient! If you feel worse, do not hesitate to get qualified help. The therapist will conduct an initial examination on arrival, gather anamnesis, make a primary diagnosis and provide recommendations for further treatment, and if necessary, prescribe ultrasound, urine and blood tests and other. We accept the call of the therapist in Kiev and Kiev region. The cost of calling a therapist in Kiev-190 uah.

When to call a therapist at home?

In the symptoms of colds, as well as the aggravation of chronic diseases of digestive organs, cardiovascular system, etc.

  1. coughing, intermittent breathing and wheezing;
  2. High body temperature, dizziness;
  3. General weakness and “deboned”;
  4. In case of pain in muscles and joints;
  5. If there is nausea and vomiting;
  6. increased or lowered ad;
  7. Hurts in the chest, back.

By calling the doctor at home you will get quick help, the doctor will be attentive to your complaints and will be there for as long as you need!


How to call a therapist in Kiev?

To call a therapist in Kiev or Kiev region call our call center, applications are processed in the mode today-on-today from 09:00 to 18:00, after 18:00 we apply for the next day. On holidays and weekends we work in the standby mode, call and ask!

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The call of the therapist is most justified in diagnosing diseases of different organs and systems of human. It is the therapist who is the coordinator of the initial diagnosis and appoints narrow diagnostics (including ultrasound and analysis at home) and, if necessary, appoints consultations of doctors in specific medical specialties (for example, Assign a call to a surgeon, a neurologist, etc. With the appropriate symptoms). In addition, the therapist prescribes treatment and prescribes recipes and hospital sheets.

Important! When ordering the services of calling a therapist at home you are required to be in the agreed time, if you do not pay the call in any way charged. We are always glad to help you and your relatives!