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Ways to protect the heart in the heat: universal advice

Heat and summer heat, ways to transfer

In the summer heat our heart suffers especially strongly, experiencing incredible loads. Below are a few tips on how to help the cardiovascular system cope with such a difficult mode of work on such a hot day.

Children. In children under the age of three, thermoregulation is at the stage of formation. That is why in a house where young children live, it is necessary to carry out a wet cleaning 3 times a day. Acquire the hygrometer, making sure that the humidity is at least 65%. Children who refuse to drink fluids need to decorate a cup, offer them to drink from colorful tubes, in general, in every way to distract their attention. On average, in hot weather, a child must drink 40% more water, milk, juices.

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Older children should be showered 4 times a day. The optimal water temperature should be in the range of 25-30 degrees. If the child does not want to eat the meat and soups customary for him, do not force it. Suggest an alternative – the protein is well absorbed and when you use yogurt or kefir.

Adults are advised to refuse coffee and alcohol. These are diuretic drinks that will remove much needed liquid from the body. However, the accumulated excess fluid in the body is also capable of overloading the heart. In order to avoid water retention, it is necessary to abandon salty foods, fast food. Spices also enhance food “thermogenesis”, so it is better to hide them in heat far away in the kitchen cupboard.

Elderly doctors recommend taking foot baths twice a day, dropping first into cool water 4-6 drops of lemon balm. Because people with sweating increase in age, they should give up pork, lamb, rolls and freshly baked bread.

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