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The frequent problem of many patients: insomnia during the night. The problem, first of all, because of the unauthorized taking of sleeping drugs. Intoxication, overdose, or even proper reception of drugs does not give positive effects, and often causes dangerous situations for the patient. After taking sleeping pills, the patient is not poured, can be depressed.
Especially insomnia develops in lying patients and is able to complicate current diseases. Therefore, rehabilitation of such patients takes much longer.
Very dangerous for lying patients in particular, and with the development of Sociofobnogo mood, changing behavior in society, etc. Besides, after a long stay in bed it is necessary to watch, that the patient has not fallen, as Such patients are very prone to loss of balance and falling, which is fraught with fractures.
In order to normalize sleep and to do so to say prevention, it is necessary to fulfill a number of requirements:
1. Day mode, especially leisure: to constantly do something (reading, knitting, etc. Possible). It is necessary to give activity to patients, to use Medtehniku: Walker, Gurneys and other.
2. Prohibit daytime sleep and "PERESYP"
3. Charging in bed: Even simple physical exercises will bring many benefits and will add strength.
4. Mandatory change of patient's positions. It is necessary to change from positions sitting-lying down, to make walks on a wheelchair or with a stick, etc. The fresh bed every time also contributes to a better sleep. If the night woke up-do not get up for a long time and walk, it is necessary (if the toilet) to go where you should and quickly lie down, then sleep can still come. To exclude from a diet tonic and tea-coffee drinks, it is better a little warm drink, only a little bit.
5. The premise is desirable to maximally obezvuchit, to blind, to close doors etc. Airing the room is also very important before bedtime, but not to be cold or hot.
6. Warm water treatment in the absence of contraindications. And the main thing: Turn off your computer and TV!