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Calling a family doctor at home in Kiev

We offer you the service of calling a family doctor at home (a family doctor is a general practitioner). A qualified specialist will serve the whole family or one family member regardless of gender and age.

This service in Kiev exists not so long ago, but already has high popularity as a comfortable and effective medical reception, especially it concerns observation in hereditary diseases or at “family” professions. You can find your family doctor in Kiev with us! Call and receive a comprehensive consultation (check the cost of family doctor services, the coordination of the date and time of admission).

The cost of calling a family doctor in Kiev-250 UAH, Kiev region. is charged depending on the removal from Kiev.

When to call a family doctor at home?

If you or your loved ones are concerned about the following symptoms:

  1. When the body temperature increases;
  2. Low or high blood pressure;
  3. In case of pain in the waist, chest or back;
  4. Joint pain;
  5. In case of digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract), nausea, vomiting, etc.

The family doctor can also advise you on such issues as:

  1. Dietetics and medical nutrition;
  2. Means of medical self-help;
  3. Fundamentals of disease prevention;
  4. To appoint the correct for you sanatorium-resort treatment;
  5. Advise on various issues of family medicine.

The task of the family doctor is to understand the symptoms, diagnose and prescribe treatment. If necessary, the family doctor will assign additional instrumental and laboratory methods of diagnosis.

What is included in the family doctor’s appointment?

Assign additional laboratory tests;

Ensure the execution of medical manipulations (including at home);

Waiting time after the doctor-usually within 2 hours. The estimated time of the doctor’s visit to 1 hour, it is enough to make a primary diagnosis and provide medical care. If there are indications, the family doctor will arrange a call purposefully doctor.

Primary reception:

  1. Registration of medical cards and certificates;
  2. examination and diagnosis;
  3. Collection of materials for analysis;
  4. Performing manipulations (bandages, injections, droppers, etc.)
  5. Instrumental study (Measurement of ad, temperature, etc.)
  6. Organization of patient’s hospitalization;
  7. Purpose of treatment and recommendations.
Calling a family doctor at home is the way to an active and healthy life!