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24-hour professional caregiver with accommodation-care and medical care

The work performed by a caregiver with accommodation is actual and demanded. After all, old and sick people, infirm and handicapped need constant professional, quality and delicate service. They often require special medical procedures that only medical. This requires not only special care and physical assistance, but also psychological support.

Reliable Assistant-nursing services for patients

Competent professional care for infirm and rooting, as well as for patients of postoperative period is extremely important. It is a guarantee of recovery and no risk of complications. The health at the moment, age, character and needs of the ward, available circumstances, possibilities of self-service or close supervision are necessarily taken into account. People. When the family members do not live with such a client or they are forced to leave often, they need a nurse with a living. Even the presence of the House of such a specialist is critical when medical qualified assistance is required or when relatives cannot provide full and proper service for some reasons.

Benefits of a 24-hour nursing assistant

  1. Control of the ward’s wellbeing during the day
  2. Provision of different services if necessary
  3. Rapid medical care implementation in emergency situations
  4. Constant Live communication, trust relations
  5. Psychological and emotional support
  6. Compared to the hourly payment, much lower cost.

The cost of nursing services with accommodation

  1. Daily duty (30 days)-15900 UAH.
  2. Daily duty (15 days)-8100 UAH.
  3. Daily duty (10 days)-5400 UAH.
  4. Daily duty (7 days)-3850 UAH.
  5. Daily duty (5 days)-2850 UAH.
  6. Daily duty (1 day)-600 UAH.
  7. Daily duty (12 hours)-500 UAH.
  8. Hourly Duty (2 hours)-200 UAH.
  9. Duty (4 hours)-300 UAH.
It is necessary to have 24 hours a day worker for a lying patient, which is impossible or highly undesirable to leave one. It must be in addition to professionalism, increased responsibility, physical and emotional resistance.

How to find a good nurse to care for the sick: pay attention to the experience and reputation

To the selection of a person who will be in full days to care for your diagnosed or elderly relative should be approached seriously. After all, the price of the issue is not only health and psychological state, and sometimes even human life. Need a highly qualified nurse in Kiev with accommodation without intermediaries?
“Nurse”-the Center of Family Medicine, which is ready to help you. We offer services in the care of recumbent, unhealthy and elderly people, ensuring the responsible approach and professionalism of our specialists.

Nursing without living-quality insurance RODNYMV Some cases, the incoming staff is the best option for the care of the client, needing physical and emotional support, sanitary and hygienic services. It is invited when the patient has certain self-service skills or when relatives are living with him, who for personal reasons are separated from the house for some time. The obvious advantage of this option is that the flexible schedule Prismotraza the elderly or sick people at home, when their relatives are absent. Obligations and work performed

The range of activities of a highly qualified specialist is quite wide. It aims to create the most comfortable, safe and positive conditions for the life of an unhealthy or disabled person. These are the main points and commitments:

  1. Medical procedures: injections, medication, dropper
  2. Control of wellbeing: measurement of pressure, temperature
  3. Control of psycho-emotional state, its normalization
  4. Change of linen and bedding, replacement of diapers
  5. Hygienic activities: Ship and cleaning, toilet in the morning and evening
  6. Sanitary treatment: Disinfection of wounds, treatment of bedsores, rubbing, washing
  7. Food safety, feeding, drinking…