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Enema with frequent constipation

Enema: Views, what you need. The staging of enema is a medical procedure consisting in introduction of liquids in intestines. All enemas can be divided into several types, depending on the purpose. Enema cleansing or for relaxation. To put an enema cleansing it is necessary in the case if it is necessary to clean intestines. This procedure is usually used by a nursing caregiver. Bowel cleansing naturally, complex and often difficult process. Accumulation of stool masses in the body can be combined with the difficulty of defecation, such phenomenon is called constipation. To eliminate it and uses a cleansing enema, it is mechanically transported into the intestine fluids that become irritants that contribute to the process of Kalootdelenija. Enemas of this type are effective in constipation, poisoning. Poslabljajushhaja enema-enema, which has a laxative effect on the body, not mechanically, and the action of special liquids on the body.


klizma ochistitelnaya

enema cleansing

The cost of installing enema in Kiev at home

  1. Cleaning Enema-300 UAH.
  2. Oil ENEMA-300 UAH.
  3. Medicinal enema-300 UAH.
  4. Siphon Enema-300 UAH.
Order a service enema at home you can by phone: (044) 221-3-221; (093) 624-93-93; (068) 624-93-93, write to info@medsestra.kiev.ua

Medical Enemas

It is possible and the production of specific enemas: hypertensive (used in extreme cases, because of the pronounced irritating effect on the intestinal mucosa), oil (used to eliminate stubborn constipation), emulsion (has excellent Oporozhnjajushhim effect, reaching in the shortest possible time), siphon (applied with extreme care when obstruction bowel). All procedures described above should be carried out professionally. The staging of enema is nursing manipulation, carried out independently, it can harm to the person in need of procedure, and not to benefit. Find a qualified nurse for the staging of enema in Kiev, it is quite easy, most convenient to use the services of sites providing nursing care. Also, it is necessary to remember that the staging of enema should appoint a doctor.

To medical enema can be attributed: drips, enemas nutritious, medicinal. To put an enema drip it is necessary in that case if it is required a compensation of blood or a liquid. It is also used if you need to enter a large amount of drug. Enema drug prescribed in the event that the introduction of drugs in another way, it is difficult. Absorption of drugs through the intestines is extremely fast, medications are in the blood to bypass the liver. The procedure is mainly carried out with the use of Microenemas, the volume is not more than 100 ml. Such procedures are divided into two types. The first is the enema of the local action, the application-to remove the inflammatory process in the Department of Colon. The second is the general action, directly for drug input. Enema nourishing is used when the liquid can not be injected through the mouth, it is injected through the anus, immediately in the rectum. The application of such procedure is seldom enough. Such an enema can be used as a partial substitution of the patient’s artificial feeding.

Contraindications Enema

All the necessary equipment is provided by the patronage company, medications, if necessary, are provided by the patient or paid for by the agreement. If the patient needs a whole course of klizmirovanija, significant discounts are provided. Despite the many benefits of enema, too frequent Klizmirovanie contraindicated. Exceptions are cases where others are not available, such as when Constant constipation can be used oil enema, and hypertension is better not to use often, and then, as prescribed by the attending physician. In any case, it is necessary to pay attention not to a symptom or a condition, as constipation, and on the basic disease and at elimination of which necessity, again, for example, a cleansing enema, disappears.

There are contraindications in which enemas are categorically forbidden: severe abdominal pain, bleeding, bowel obstruction. Cracks and inflammation of the anus, can also serve as a pretext for the refusal of the procedure. Such a service as the staging of enema in Kiev at the patient’s home is the most demanded in any patronage service. The staff of the patronage centers, carrying out such procedures with the departure to the House, has the necessary certification for the provision of services, as well as a huge experience in this field, conducts the procedure with all sorts of accuracy, delicately and painlessly. While The procedure uses only well Prodezinficirovannoe equipment and tips of individual use.

Remember, the expert will perform this procedure much better! anyway, call, contact , We will be happy to help!