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Trust the care and care of your health and the health of your family professionals!

Our medical center “Nurse” is favorably distinguished by its professional team, which has many years of practical experience. The medical staff shows utmost care to every patient and faithfully performs their duties. In the level of professionalism doctors and nurses, you can be sure of a lot of positive feedback from our clients who used our medical services in Kiev before.

In our friendly team, experienced specialists with medical education. Their decent luggage of knowledge, is supplemented by a great work experience and a real desire to help people who find themselves in a difficult life situation. We have every reason to guarantee high efficiency and quality of the services we provide, confidentiality and strict control, and observance of medical ethics.

The medical center “Nurse”, favorably differs from its competitors in excellent technical equipment and modern equipment. We are a clear organization of work, a European level of service and service.

doctors at the home of the medical center in Kiev

Qualified care for patients at home in Kiev

The Medical Center “Nurse” renders nursing care services at home. After all, in life it happens that someone from family members or close people, due to various circumstances (illness, trauma, accident, age) is deprived of the opportunity to move independently, constantly staying in bed. In such a situation, the whole burden of caring lies on the shoulders of close people. All these worries take a lot of time and energy, including moral ones, which are not always enough.

It is for the solution of such problems that our medical center provides a service for caring for bedridden patients. Conveniently the same way, and that we can use the rental of medical equipment, order a trip to the home of nurses, buy goods in the store and much more.

Our specialists with full dedication and warmth will take care of themselves, caring for people close to you. While you are in complete tranquility, you can continue to deal with everyday worries and go to work. Attitude to people is very important nuance, because caring for a very limited person in the physical plane, requires not only professionalism, but also simple human attention, as well as care. It is important that our employees, along with the availability of medical education, have a decent working experience with patients of various age categories.

If necessary, at home, the patient will be made injections and droppers, injections drugs. Available massage both curative and preventive, staging of an enema or bladder catheterization and other daily procedures.

Call a highly specialized specialist at home

Among the services we provide, there is doctor for the whole family and a quick call of a specialist at home. If you or someone close to you have health problems, or you do not have the desire to stand in lines and spend your time solving bureaucratic issues in the field of medicine. You just need to call us on one of the contact numbers on the page, you can just leave a request on the site. Doctor the necessary specialization will come to the address in Kiev and the Kiev region, will provide assistance and provide advice.

Why is it worth choosing us?

Once again we remind that only proven, educated and highly qualified specialists with decent experience in the medical field work for us. Nurses have sufficient skills to promptly provide competent first aid in case of a critical situation. They are always extremely attentive and kind to their charges.

By choosing us as your assistants, you will quickly realize that specialized care, by the hands of well-trained professionals, has the most positive effect on the patient’s moral health and, as a consequence, his general condition, and rehabilitation.

We work in Kiev. With the full range of medical services prices for them, you can see in the relevant sections of this site. Call us, we will help you!
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