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Invalid tender  in Kyiv

  1. Professionalism. A nursing home with a residence is a qualified worker of the middle level who has experience in medical care facilities.
  2. Personal qualities. Even high professionalism will not be able to replace such qualities as sensitivity, attentiveness, obligation and performance. Our staff (nurses) is selected and constantly tested. Nurses with high moral qualities carry out the best care for the sick.  We guarantee family members confidence that their loved ones are in reliable and experienced hands.
  3. Age. For many patients the age of the nursery is of great importance. Given this, we offer services of caregivers from 45 years.
Get additional materials and medical equipment included in the price of the tariff plan

Daily schedule of the nurse

Nurse, caring for the sick
30 days 11900 UAH. The tariff includes: diapers-1up., medical, cream-1pcs.
15 days 6500 UAH. The tariff includes: diapers-10pcs., medical, cream-1pcs.
10 days 4400 UAH. The tariff includes: diapers-10pcs., medical, cream-1pcs.
7 days 3150 UAH. The tariff includes: diapers-10pcs., medical, cream-1pcs.
5 days 2350 UAH. The tariff includes: diapers-1up., medical, cream-1pcs.
1 day 500 UAH.

Daily schedule of Nurses

Nurse, caring for the sick
30 days 15900 UAH. The tariff includes: diapers-1up., medical, cream-1pcs.
15 days 8100 UAH. The tariff includes: diapers-10pcs., medical, cream-1pcs.
10 days 5400 UAH. The tariff includes: diapers-10pcs., medical, cream-1pcs.
7 days 3850 UAH. The tariff includes: diapers-10pcs., medical, cream-1pcs.
5 days 2850 UAH. The tariff includes: diapers-1up., medical, cream-1pcs.
1 day 600 UAH.

Basic duties of a nurse

  1. Change of diapers, diapers;
  2. Replacement of bed and linen;
  3. Treatment and prevention of bedsores. Skin treatment;
  4. Injections, droppers (as prescribed by the Doctor);
  5. Measurement of body temperature and blood pressure;
  6. Feeding the patient, assistance in feeding (incl. Through stoma);
  7. Morning and evening toilet, hygienic procedures. Delivery of the vessel;
  8. Bandages and wound treatment;
  9. Keeping the diary of the disease;
  10. Control over physical and psychological condition of the patient;
  11. Personal hygiene of the patient: haircut of nails and hair, implementation of prevention or treatment of bedsores, sanitary treatment of the patient (rubbing, washing, bathing in the bath). 
Competent care for patients bereaved stroke, heart attack, as well as for postoperative patients is the key to successful recovery, as well as a low risk of complications.

Various functions of the nurse

Sidelka is obliged to contribute to the improvement of the patient’s living conditions. A person with medical education will give an opportunity to speak out to the patient and answer all questions of interest, such a person is a real find for the patient and his close people. At any time, the patient may increase pressure, slow down or become more frequent. A graduate is not lost in any situation and quickly makes the right decision. A nurse in Kiev with a medical education will show compassion and patience, provide full sanitary and hygienic care for the patient, show psychological education and will be attentive to the conduct of medical procedures.
It is not easy to care for a person bedridden, as it seems. After all, patients with a similar way of life in rare cases remain optimistic. Severe pathological processes leave an imprint on the physical and spiritual state of a person. The share of these changes must be borne by people who remain in difficult moments with patients. The patient may refuse food, take medicine, become irritable or become withdrawn. Therefore, the nurse should be a good psychologist. After all, an extremely seldom patient remains positive. A good nurse will become a difficult friend for her patient, but also a window into another world that awaits him after the improvement. A medical professional who has encountered different difficulties in life has a sense of responsibility and duty to his patients. The nurse is the link between the ward and his life. Often the life of a recumbent patient depends on her. A nurse, a nurse, a nurse are synonyms for the profession of people whose work helps you and your loved ones in a difficult moment, when illness and age take their toll. The selfless work of our employees may not guarantee a recovery, but maximally protects the patient from complications caused by a major or secondary disease.
Psychological assistance to a sick person is also needed, conversations on abstract topics, reading, etc. Do not let the patient’s consciousness concentrate only on illness and suffering.

If you do not have enough time for washing and cleaning, this will not be a problem – our employee will do everything for you. You can call a doctor at home, At your service are specialists from various fields: neuropathologists, surgeons, therapists and many others. Close to you, the native person is seriously ill, and you do not have the opportunity, constant care for him? Contact our center of family medicine “Nurse” – we will help you in resolving such an issue, how to invite a nurse home in Kiev and the Kiev region. This type of service is quite in demand for those who have relatives or elderly people seriously ill or do not get out of bed. Especially it becomes relevant if you live in another district of the city, or are constantly employed at work, and can not pay due attention to a loved one. Relatives can be sure that their native person will be surrounded by attention and care.

Sitting at home in Kiev with accommodation – the optimal option for such cases, the constant care for the patient, providing sanitation and hygiene services around the clock and without days off, giving the patient the opportunity to feel as comfortable as possible (if possible). Our family medicine center “Nurse” can offer a nurse service at a home with accommodation, not only for bedridden patients, but also for elderly people who find it difficult to care for themselves. A relative can order this service for a short-term or long-term period, depending on the patient’s health condition.
Nurse patient with medical (secondary-special) education will be the best option at home for a patient or a post-operative patient in a hospital. To care for sick children in view of children’s specifics is also strongly recommended to take a graduate. Employees for caring for patients without medical education, but having extensive experience in caring for sick people also have the right to work, provided that the patient’s condition is of moderate severity and no more.
We offer rehabilitation services: special massage programs for people who have suffered stroke. Recommendations on the peculiarities of care for a sick at home in section “Articles” . Wide choose medical equipment hire and sale of new medical equipment leading manufacturers.





The professional nurse is obliged to help to improve conditions of the patient and to prevent the development of complications of the main disease