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It’s good to be healthy and rich. This axiom is difficult to challenge, but not everything happens the way we want, so in our lives there are injuries and illnesses that deliver troubles and experiences not only to us, but also to our loved ones. Many of the diseases require the use of special devices and equipment such as medical. It is medical, for many diseases, and especially in the care of lying and sedentary patients becomes a real, effective means for a complete recovery. Family Medicine Center “nurse” can offer you a large selection of medical equipment for rent and for sale.

Functional bed

Medehnika Rental, Prices

  1. Walker-200 UAH/month.
  2. Wheelchair-600 UAH/month.
  3. Functional Bed-700 UAH/month.
  4. Bedside Toilet-250 UAH/month.

Cost of delivery in Kiev

  1. Walker-150 UAH
  2. Wheelchair-200 UAH
  3. Functional Bed-400 UAH
  4. Bedside toilet-150 uah.
Attention: There is a lease agreement for a minimum of one month with the Kiev residence permit (copies of the passport). If the lessee takes Medtehniku outside Kiev, the pledge is taken in full amount of the cost (purchase price) of the leased type of equipment.

Why is it more profitable to hire Medtehniku?

In many diseases, the condition of the patient, which requires the use of medical-the process is temporary. Crutches, walkers, wheelchairs or special beds need no more than six months. Then all these things are hidden in the pantry or taken out of the house, but the money, and, moreover, decent, already spent. Is it worth doing this if the same crutches are needed for only 2-3 months? The best option-to buy the necessary equipment rental, use, and then surrender it. This applies to special medical beds and wheelchairs functional, but necessary not forever. Our center can provide various modifications of beds, plus special mattresses, and wheelchairs that will help your natives to recover faster. About prices. Our prices, for such products as medical Kiev, are quite adequate and available. We have taken care that families, where there is a sick person, could afford the whole range of medical equipment at an acceptable cost, to rent. About quality. All the products offered are the production of the famous Italian brand OSD, which has long proven to be high quality, functionality and practicality of all products. Medical Kiev from OSD gives an opportunity to save and maintain health of millions of disabled people and patients in many countries of the world.

Medical for sale in Kiev

  1. Our prices are low, but correspond to high quality and functionality of all presented products.
  2. We can offer promotions and bonuses that render purchase
  3. Fast and inexpensive delivery with installation
  4. All equipment-certified, with a full package of documents from the World manufacturers


Medical, offered by our center, fully meets the requirements of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, international standards and certified. Call, always happy to advise and help you in choosing a quality medical!