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Massage Therapy in Kiev

We offer you all kinds of therapeutic massage, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, after traumas, functional diseases of the spine and other diseases, which recommended massage procedures. Preventive massage for those people whose work is connected with sedentary activities, for example, work at the computer, we can offer a prophylactic massage to avoid osteochondrosis, any areas of the spine and pain syndromes.

Price of massage services (Kiev)

  1. General Massage (40-60 min.)-550 UAH.
  2. Drainage Massage (30-45 min.)-450 UAH.
  3. Anti-Cellulite (60 min.) -500 UAH.
  4. Rehabilitation (from 60 min.)-550 UAH.
  5. In Laktostaze (35-45 min.)-400 UAH.
  6. Children from 2 weeks-400 UAH.
  7. Massage of one part of the body (back, chest, waist) – 30 min – 450 UAH.
  8. Massage of one limb (arm, leg 20 min.) – 250 UAH.

Basic Indications for Massage

  • Headaches, back, waist, neck
  • Neuralgia and neuritis, radiculitis, paralysis, arthritis
  • Violation of the motor function of the colon, jabzh (in remission)
  • Bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia
  • Heart disease
  • After injuries (fractures, sprains, etc.)
  • At fractures in the healing stage
  • Hypo-Hypertension
Дренажный массаж

Drainage massage

Separately it is worth noting that we also use this kind of massage, like a drainage massage, which is very effective in the early stages of varicose veins. It performs both therapeutic and cosmetic function.

Общий массаж

General massage


Therapeutic massages are carried out both for individual parts of the body, and general massage, depending on what the doctor appointed. Therapeutic massage is carried out by sessions, the number of which is prescribed by a doctor. Special cases of therapeutic massage – for bedridden patients.

Мануальная терапия

Manual therapy

Manual therapy – it is carried out by specialists only of high qualification and having a special education, confirmed by certificates. This type of massage has excellent effectiveness in various diseases of the spine.

Антицеллюлитный массаж

Anticellulite massage

Anticellulite massage. Everyone knows the desire of women, to have a beautiful body, to be slim and fit. But its application gives not only an aesthetic result, making the skin perfectly smooth, and eliminating not only the “orange peel”, toxins are also eliminated from the body, and hormonal balance is restored.

What kind of massage treatments can we offer?

We all know about the benefits of massage. Its impact on the body is difficult to overestimate. It has a restorative, curative and healing effect on the body. Promassazhirovannye areas of the body are better supplied with oxygen, metabolism is activated in the cells of the skin, the ligaments and tissues of the joints are restored. In addition, the massage is actively and effectively used for aesthetic purposes, returning youthfulness and elasticity of the body. Therefore, we are looking for massage Kiev to not only give the body tonus and beauty, and often it is associated with diseases that require massage procedures. Massage – Application of influence on organs and tissues of the human body by means of hands. Of course, the choice of a masseur, especially a stranger, is always associated with a certain risk. Qualification, experience, feedback – all this is important. Visiting a masseur in medical institutions and massage parlors, due to some discomfort and loss of time. We will feel much comfortable and confident if we order a massage at home. Our Family Medicine Center “Nurse” offers you the services of qualified and experienced masseurs at home and in the office (with a portable massage table).

About the massage from the specialists of the Center of Family Medicine “Nurse”

Separately we want to notice about the level of service of our patients. Our specialists constantly improve their professional level and qualification to massage on the house of Kiev, was executed as much as possible qualitatively and effectively. Any kind of massage is carried out taking into account individual peculiarities of the patient and disease. About prices. Our prices for massages in Kiev, do not differ from the average prices for the city, but they are much democratic than the prices of elite clinics, and the level of qualification and experience of masseurs is not lower. Choosing the type of massage and the number of sessions, you can get individual discounts. Carrying out of all procedures of massage on a house, will pass in habitual and comfortable for you, conditions. To order a massage at the house of Kiev in our center of family medicine is easy. You need to leave a request or contact us by phone for contact. We work around the clock, and will accept your application for execution immediately.

Be healthy and do not be sick, remember: massage strengthens the immune system! – Our team of massage therapists

Therapeutic Massage Video