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What is the right way to do nursing? Some useful tips.

When a person is ill, the conditions and diet vary significantly, besides oslabshemu the body is shown special nutrition. In this article we will consider the basic rules, following which you can organize the proper nutrition of the patient.

How do you organize your diet so that it is right?

1. Each time before the reception of Pishhiprijom food you should help the patient to clean teeth and a cavity of a mouth, and also to ventilate a premise that smell of food does not mixed with external smells in a room or a chamber.
2. It will be good to know how a sick person wants to eat: one or together with you or other people?
3. Be sure to see everything was clean, if something fell, do not razdrazhajtes, sick to give a napkin or put specnagrudnik.
4. At feeding-it is necessary to bed a table or a shelf, utensils use nebjushhujusja, on a type of utensils for a microwave oven.

Composition of food when feeding the patient:

Ready meals exclude Trudnoperevarivaemuju food, no greasy duck! No longer write about alcohol, condiments, all sorts of canned fish and meat. It will be much better to give fruits and vegetables (if the doctor does not forbid), non-greasy sorts of fish, porridge-mash, etc.
Should be a full drink: weak tea, fruit juices, uzvary, mineral table water, etc.
Careful with dairy products, they are quite heavy, especially for patients with pulmonary diseases.

The most optimal mode of nutrition (feeding the patient) is:
Fractional. From 4-5 to 6 times a day in small portions. No need to force.
Everything needs to be coordinated with your doctor. Remember, the main thing is not to harm!
If high temperature, it is necessary to wait for its decrease. Ask what the patient wants, coordinate with the doctor, the person should enjoy the food. It should not be forgotten also about the admission of medicines: which before, which after the meal.

How to serve food to the patient (feeding the patient):

1. Sometimes, in the absence of contraindications, it is possible to increase appetite to use Solenenkie snacks.
4. Do not give boiling water or cooled, the food should be warm, so try.
5. The best is the shredded kind of food, mashed potatoes.
6. Do not hurry quickly to feed, it is necessary measured and slowly.
7. Do not mix everything as horrible, raw separately, boiled too separately.
8. Start feeding from the first liquid dishes.

For the body digestion food is expensive-a lot of calories goes. Don't overfeed.

How to feed if the patient is lying?

1. Help the patient to take a sitting position of the body.
2. It is necessary to wash hands, if possible mouth a cavity.
3. Use napkins and Specnagrudniki.
4. Let's drink, so the patient will be a little easier to swallow.
5. Therefore, when water, maintain the head of the patient, the other hand support the cup.
6. Now how to feed correctly:
a). Spoon with food 2/3.
b) Bring the spoon to the mouth so that the person opens his mouth.
c) Then the spoon touches the tongue: and the patient will cover his mouth.
D) After taking the spoon with food, the patient should take the spoon gently.
e) do not hurry, let the patient chew and swallow the accepted food, do not hurry.
f) Repeat, after a few spoons we will give a drink.
g) wipe the patient with a napkin, mouth, etc.
h). You need to help the patient to rinse his mouth, wash face, etc.

About artificial feeding the patient read in the following articles! In any case, our caregivers and nurses will do it better than you, call us, we are sure to help you and your family.

Nursing helps with feeding

Nursing helps with feeding