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Catheterization Bladder at home

The procedure of catheter installation may be necessary for diagnostic purposes, this procedure is carried out for the extraction of urine for analysis. Urine, extracted in this way sterile, which allows to receive the most accurate results of the analysis. In some cases, the catheter is injected into the bladder cavity to install the drugs. This procedure can be carried out at home, asking for help to the visiting urologist. It is extremely difficult to perform this procedure on your own and there is a great danger of infection because the procedure requires increased sterility.

Complexity of the procedure:

catheterization bladder in men the procedure is more complicated than that of women. The principle of introduction is the same, however, in men the urethra is longer. For successful installation of the catheter it is extremely important that the patient was calm and treated the doctor with confidence, that is why you need to call a professional. Rules of installation procedure it is very important to observe, without knowledge of the case it is possible to cause appreciable harm to health. This procedure is the responsibility of nurses.

catheterization bladder in men may need an emergency when there is no urination for more than half a day. This may be due to inflammatory processes, a tumor of the urinary canal or the presence of kidney stones. Often, men are not in a hurry to contact the doctor at the first sign of a malfunction bladder. The urologist, summoned to the house, will be able to help the patient.

Cost of catheterization services in Kiev

  1. catheterization women-350 UAH.
  2. Installation of temporary catheter in women-350 UAH.
  3. Catheterization men’s-350 UAH.
  4. Installation of temporary catheter in men-350 UAH.

Use of catheters for urination procedure

The presence of modern soft catheters of different sizes and modifications makes the process painless, the patient can feel only some discomfort. The catheter tube is slowly injected into the penis until the urine appears in it. After that the process of introduction stops. The catheter has two or three branches from the main tube to drain the urine, the introduction of air to fix the tube and the introduction of drugs. It is very important to observe sterility during the whole procedure, the doctor should wear sterile gloves and do not allow the outer edge of the tube to be omitted in the urine container. Catheterization can be long, to comply with the safety rules catheter, depending on the type and materials of the manufacturer should be changed periodically. You can see the special Medtehniku here. The terms of use, prescribed by the doctor to violate is unacceptable. The care of a catheter at home is very important, improper treatment threatens to join a secondary infection. The involvement of the urologist is desirable. The doctor will be able to notice in time possible changes of inflammatory character, discharge from the urethra outside the catheter, fever, and conduct spazmoliticheskuju and anti-inflammatory therapy. Self-extracting and rinsing of the catheter can have serious consequences. When installing the catheter for a long time, the tube inside the bladder is filled with air small bolonchik, so that the catheter is not dropped. It is impossible to pull the catheter in any case, it can cause the channel to rupture.

Features of catheterization bladder in women

Catheterization bladder in women is slightly different only by the method of introduction, due to physiological characteristics. When an inflammation or a crowded bladder displacement patient is very painful, the decision to call a urologist at home will solve the problem. Such a disease as cystitis does not give a woman to empty the bladder and is accompanied by severe pain. A doctor called by a urologist can help a woman. Successful catheterization of the urinary bladder in women depends not only on the skill of the doctor, as practice shows, you need to explain the process and the moment where you need to endure. It is important that in the event of pain during entering the woman quietly notified the doctor and did not make abrupt movements. The input procedure takes at least a minute, catheters for women are slightly shorter than men’s, it is due to anatomical features. A woman can install a catheter for a long time in the postoperative period, if there was an operative intervention in the organs of urination, for their healing and rehabilitation. A woman may leave the hospital provided she can arrange quality care for the catheter at home with the help of a visiting urologist. It is possible to remove a catheter only on doctor’s prescription and with his help. Do not forget that the catheter has retainers.

When replacing the catheter, the sterility, the rinsing of the catheter and all objects in contact with the urinary canal must be carried out professionally, with special means.