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How is rehabilitation after a heart attack?

Why long rehabilitation after a heart attack?

An infarction provokes a blockade of the coronary arteries with thrombi, which causes an oxygen deficiency in the heart tissues. When not providing medical care, cardiac muscle cells, suffering from hypoxia, are subjected to necrosis and further scarring, a violation of the normal functioning of the heart.

Patients who have been diagnosed as having a heart attack need long-term rehabilitation therapy, which should ensure the optimal restoration of the vital functions of a person, and also prevent the recurrence of seizures in the future. The complex of rehabilitation measures includes: prevention of the development of negative situations, regulation of the diet, rest, exercise, the appointment of preventive medicines, exercise therapy and special rent a car, rest in sanatoriums, refusal from pernicious habits. The patient should be interested in treatment and rehabilitation and make every effort to achieve positive dynamics.

After discharge from the hospital врач individually develops a rehabilitation plan for each patient. As maintenance therapy, drugs such as aspirin or ticlopidine that have a thrombolytic effect are used. Adrenaline blockers are used to stabilize the heart rate and blood pressure.

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Diet and exercise therapy after myocardial infarction

The diet menu after a heart attack plays an important role in successful rehabilitation. Patients are recommended to the Mediterranean diet with the mandatory presence in the menu of sea fish (fatty acids). Possible additional consumption of fatty acids in the form of tablets. Food is better divided into small portions and eat more often, according to the principle of fractional nutrition. It is recommended to reduce the amount of salt, spices, sugar. After an attack of a heart attack, patients are advised to drink kefir, fruit or vegetable juices diluted with water, tea. Products must be cooked for a couple or boil, categorically it is necessary to remove from the diet to people after a heart attack smoked, fried, salty, fatty dishes, and forget about fast food. You need to eat vegetables, fruits, do not eat fatty foods that contain high doses of cholesterol, foods.

It is important to ensure proper care for the patient, experienced nurse at home or in the clinic can be of great help!

Physiotherapy is prescribed for patients who have had a heart attack individually depending on the degree of severity of a person’s condition. Exercises of the complex of therapeutic physical training will allow to provide moderate activity of the person and optimal supply of blood with oxygen. This can be training on exercise bikes, walking on the street, slow running or swimming in the pool. Load should be strengthened gradually.


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