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Patient safety

The basic rules, if the patient can move independently or with a third-party help:

1. To not accidentally tripped, remove everything from the floor, namely all sorts of objects, wires and cables, rasgladte the carpet that there were no wrinkles.
2. The corridors in the apartment should be well lit, even if bright.
3. To prevent falls on the wet floor, wipe the floor dry with wet cleaning, do not leave the puddles on the floor.
4. Footwear is better for patients to buy special, the choice of medical is now wide: Home special shoes with non-slip sole, soft, comfortable.
5. It is necessary to accustom patients to use in movement of handrails and handrails. Check the reliability of the handrails! It is necessary to teach competently the use of walkers, crutches, etc.
6. Glasses, hearing aids must comply with the technical and hygienic requirements, check compliance with the needs of the patient and the equipment.
7. Latches and latches should not be closed from the inside in the bathroom and toilet, it is necessary to open the outside.
8. To explain to a patient that it is impossible to make the patient sharp vstavanij from a bed-it is safety of the patient
9. Measure the temperature of the water in the bathroom with a thermometer, prevent the standing from the bathroom hold the pipes and taps.

Important in different situations:

1. In case of different swallowing disorders in the patient, the drinking and food intake should be constantly under your control.

2. When feeding: do not serve the patient not too hot or too cold food.

3. Your nails should be briefly cuted. Don't wear jewelry! Do not grab and do not take a rudely ill, especially the elderly, the bones are fragile, the skin is thin.

Rules for nursing manipulation of patients
Prepare yourself:
1. As stated above, without decorations, watches, etc. What can injure a patient
2. My hands
3. Dress Up Clothes

Preparing for the manipulation of the patient:
1. Ask how the patient feels
2. Tell us what you will do.

To organize and provide fire safety of the patient:

1. It is best to use a microwave oven to prepare the food for the patient.
2. If the microwave is not present, and there is a gas stove, then disable the rear burner, so that the patient did not have to burn the rear burner through the lit front, if the plate is not provided ignition. A bathrobe or nightie can catch fire and the patient will get burns, be careful about this.
3. Remove the curtains and towels from the stove.
4. If the patient is a smoking person, let him smoke only under your supervision.
5. If your patient suffers from dementia – hide matches.

We will always help you to provide the right care for the sick-call!