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Wheelchair rental

A wheelchair is an irreplaceable type of medical in case of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and during rehabilitation after surgeries and diseases. For many people, the acquisition of expensive medical is not only costly, but sometimes unjustifiable, especially in the recovery of the body. For this purpose the company TSSM “Nurse” provides a service on rent (for rent) of medical technics: Walker, wheelchairs, functional medical beds and sanitary-hygienic equipment and expendable materials. You can rent a wheelchair produced by the OSD in Kiev for only 600 UAH/month, address delivery in Kiev-200 uah. or pickup from the Office street. Ivan Franco, 3

OSD economy naprokat

Stroller OSD economy

OSD millenium3chrome naprokat

Stroller OSD millenium-chrome

OSD-modern naprokat

Stroller OSD-modern

  1. Armrests with fixation, elongated shape
  2. Easy to clean! Removable fabric part
  3. Back and seat (fabric part) – 100% neylon
  4. Stroller weight: 15.5 kg
  5. Maximum load: 110 kg


  1. Foldable form of stroller, inside and outside the room
  2. Special improved armrests (convenient to transplant)
  3. Independent with adjustable under the growth footrests, you can recline and remove
  4. Additional function of installation. san gig. of the equipment OSD



  1. Foldable wheelchair for rooms and streets
  2. Steel frame for stroller
  3. Easy to clean, easy to clean
  4. Footboards are removable and independent with adjustment
  5. Maximum loading: 130 kg


The cost of rent-600 UAH/month, delivery in Kiev-200 uah.

All strollers in excellent technical and visual condition
Choice of a wheelchair
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Wheelchair for rent

We offer to place an order for renting a wheelchair, because it will not only contribute to your recovery, but also prevent you from having to store the unnecessary equipment at the end of the course of treatment. In addition, renting a wheelchair is often much more advantageous. Agree, much more attractive is the prospect of temporary use of a wheelchair of high class, than the purchase of cheap equipment, the re-application of which is not foreseen.

Finding a quality wheelchair in Kiev is easier than you think: just contact our experts on the following phones! We will not only help you with the registration of wheelchair rental, but also advise on the selection of this orthopedic equipment, help with delivery and, of course, provide guarantees of the quality of the products and instructions, Ensure your safety when using it. Separately, we would like to note that on our site are wheelchairs only from proven manufacturers, the reliability of which is confirmed by the availability of documents of compliance with the requirements of the State standard.

Having with the advantages of renting rather expensive orthopedic equipment in comparison with its acquisition, we consider it necessary to list a number of parameters on which you can determine whether this model is suitable for you Wheelchair.

Wheelchairs on sale

If necessary, you can buy the necessary new wheelchair at a favorable price. Our products are presented here. Call and ask which pram or other medtehniku you need to buy.


What to pay attention to when choosing a wheelchair for hire?

The movement in a wheelchair in Kiev (and in any other big city), unfortunately, is connected with overcoming of some obstacles. Therefore, before you make a lease on such a non-standard vehicle, you need to analyze the environment with which you will contact. Since basically the habitat of a city dweller is his apartment, first of all when choosing a stroller should take into account the width of the doorway, otherwise you simply ban yourself in the same room. The second point is the presence of an elevator and ramps in your entrance, everything again depends on the width. If you have a car, it is not superfluous to check whether it is possible to transport your temporary vehicle in its trunk. But the most important condition of your comfortable coexistence with a wheelchair is your adequate self-esteem: Do not be too arrogant, do not try to appear stronger than you are. It is better to know in advance, at what time you will be available to the extraneous help, and therefore to adjust the mode of the day. And of course, the size of the stroller Highlands and the parameters of the user. Only two values are important here: the size of your clothes and weight. Our consultants will help you to correlate personal parameters with the parameters of prams of different models, as well as the individual features of the figure.

In our store is presented all the variety of types of prams. Some of the wheelchairs are for indoor use only. These models have cast wheels and control is manual. Pay attention to the armrests and foot supports: it will be more convenient if the first-adjustable, and the second-folding or removable.

More versatile strollers-room-walking. You can manage them both independently and with the help of an accompanying person. Models are usually equipped with pneumatic wheels, and the wheels, armrests and footrests of such a stroller-removable, which allows not only easy to transplant a person, but also to transport the stroller in the car. The most modern models are created using the innovative system of Handrim, which facilitates the scrolling of wheels and saving your strength for longer walks. Depending on your needs, we can also offer wheelchairs with adjustable backrest inclination, lift angle and anti-rollover device.

Each model of the wide range of wheelchairs offered to your attention on our website represents the unity of innovative solutions, stylish design and advanced materials and forms, providing your comfort during its Use.

In order not to embarrass yourself even more in a situation of limited motor activity, take advantage of the opportunity to rent a wheelchair, and the period of rehabilitation will not leave in the memory of an unpleasant feeling of helplessness, and be connected only with Special love and care of your loved ones.