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Injections at home (injections in Kiev)

Injections at home – intramuscular, intravenous, hypodermic injections, installation of dropper at home professionally, quickly, affordable and profitable!

The topical question today is injections at home. Almost everyone has faced such a need as passing a course with the use of injecting drugs, the vaccination of the child, the staging of the dropper, etc. But, it is not always possible to find time and opportunity to visit the clinic.

What to do in this case? Invite a neighbor or a friend? No way! Injection is a serious manipulation and uninformed person can be mistaken in the dosage and the correctness of the injection, which is fraught with serious consequences. There are drugs that are injected only intravenously or only intramuscularly, in the event of an irreversible consequences, in addition, a lot of rules for the introduction of drugs, which are used by professional nurses. If you or your household need to make injections, our company offers the services of a professional nurse. Just call us and order the service. Specialists are ready to provide assistance at any time of the day 365 days a year.

Benefits of calling a nurse at home:

  • There is no need to rush to the clinic and stand in queues.
  • You do not have to go to the hospital if you are prescribed bed rest and intravenous injections.
  • Calling medical on the house allows you to carry out the procedure in a calm habitual for the sick environment, which helps rapid recovery.
  • Children and the elderly are difficult to carry out trips to the clinic, because injections at home-this is what will keep the nervous system in peace.
  • If a person has a weakened immunity, he can “catch” a virus in the hospital walls, which will aggravate the main disease.

Cost of injection services in Kiev

The services of a handling nurse at home include:

  1. Inject intramuscularly or intravenously
  2. Put a dropper at home

Rates for the call nurse’s work:

  1. Injection in/m (intramuscular)-100 UAH.
  2. Injections in/in (intravenous)-150 UAH.
  3. Dropper (90 min.)-200 UAH.
  4. Dropper (more than 90 min.)-250 UAH.
If you order the manipulation of the course and immediately payment on the card on the requisites discount-10%

Dropper at home in Kiev

A dropper at home is a popular type of service, where a nurse or a paramedic can travel to the patient’s home when hospitalization is difficult. Doctors often prescribe droppers not only for patients who are in the hospital, but also for the sick Located at home. Droppers are very effective when the patient has a water-salt balance of the body, for example, with severe vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, in many diseases of the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, etc. systems, etc. Dr. Nevertheless, to put the dropper should be an experienced (handling) nurse, a lot of nuances in the staging of the dropper, especially the elderly and all those who have already been stabbed veins, there are concomitant vascular diseases and in other cases, as experienced The nurse always cares about the veins of the patient, which still need to be stabbed.

The process of staging the dropper at home:

  1. The nurse will charge the dropper on the standard of filling the system for intravenous infusions and works according to the rules of aseptic/antiseptics;
  2. Reliably fix the needle in Vienna (usually fixed with a plaster with cotton wool);
  3. The nurse controls the introduction of medications prescribed by the doctor, the speed of introduction (for different drugs different speed, expressed drops per minute);
  4. Monitors the condition of the patient, does not allow complications (goopy, pain, etc.) and the work of the Dropper system;
  5. Removes the dropper, recycles consumables (pre-soak in Des. Solution, so the recycling will be taken by relatives/nursing patient later).

During the introduction or more correctly to say, when injection (infusion) of drugs, there may be side effects and reactions: for example, the needle can depart, if the patient moves his hand for example. The nurse knows what to do in case of side effects or complications of intravenous injections, take all preventive measures or eliminate the causes of possible problems, decide on further actions and help.

We draw your attention, although the dropper at home and done outside the hospital walls, but is placed only on the doctor’s prescription with the relevant document. You can always call us or come to the office and we will tell you how to act correctly: in the end should win the patient and get a quality service.
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Dropper at home

How to do intramuscular injection?

Intravenous injection Technique (parenteral introduction)

Why is our company the best on call nurse at home?

The specialist comes in exactly appointed time and as many times as necessary. Injections in Kiev offer at any time convenient for the client. We employ qualified nurses, confirmed by certificates, and with extensive experience, which will perform any medical manipulation at a high level of quality. The staff work with Vienna of any complexity. Cleanliness and sterility are guaranteed. The nurse is fully equipped with the necessary equipment: disposable droppers and syringes, perevjazochnym material, obezzarajivatmi means, a tripod for the system, gloves, etc. Conscientious attitude to work, individual approach and attention for each individual patient. Affordable prices for people with different income. Discounts from 5% are offered for regular customers

A friendly nurse will help to create a favorable atmosphere for the manipulation, and the exact schedule and strict medical supervision help to obtain a fastest result from treatment.

We offer not only injections in Kiev, but also other medical manipulations. Call, learn, agree and get quality services for a reasonable fee, always happy to help you!