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Go-gos for rent

Ходунки are an indispensable assistant in the rehabilitation of patients and for people with disabilities: with the help of walkers, it is much easier and safer for a patient to move around indoors and outdoors while walking outdoors. We provide a wide choice of OSD walkers for rent (for rent), as well as for sale with a guarantee: walking, roller, stationary. For a purchase from 1 month, there is delivery, call!

hodunki universalnie

Go-carts universal OSD

hodunki s kolesami

Go-carts with wheels OSD

dvuxurovnevie hodunki

Two-level walkers OSD

  1. Height from 76 to 98 cm
  2. Width 50 cm
  3. Depth 43 centimeters
  4. Weight 2.7 kg
  5. Adjustable in height, easy to fold
  6. They are equipped with latches for switching modes “stepping-fixed»
  7. Soft rubberized handrails, rubber tips.
  1. Equipped with wheels 5”
  2. Height from 76 to 98 cm
  3. Width 50 cm
  4. Depth 43 centimeters
  5. Weight 2.7 kg
  6. The maximum load is 136 kg
  7. Soft rubberized handrails, rubber tips
  1. Особая двухуровневая конструкция
  2. Легкие и прочные
  3. Максимальная нагрузка 136 кг
  4. Легкие и прочные
  5. Регулируются по высоте, легко складываются
  6. Оснащены фиксаторами для переключения режимов «шагающие-фиксированные»
  7. Мягкие накладки из ПВХ на поручнях и резиновые наконечники на ножках

The cost of renting a walker is 200 UAH / month.

Go-carts OSD – quality, reliable and convenient technology!
Products of the Italian company OSD only from light and strong alloys, with the use of modern technologies along with low cost has gained popularity all over the world. OSD – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical equipment, has been making not only quality products for more than 10 years, but also applying innovations. There is an official representation and a warranty service in Kiev. Go-Go OSD – this is the best medical equipment in its segment!
Go-carts for the disabled and patients after operations and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, we provide a wide range of walkers. Here on page are the most popular models of walkers for adults. Concerning the rental of walkers or the purchase of walkers from us, you can consult with us by phone (044) 221-3-221 or at the office at Ivan Franko St. 3. We will suggest which option for you will be optimal, or we will provide the medical equipment to the destination Your doctor.
You can order the delivery of walkers OSD in Kiev and place an agreement in a convenient place for you 50 UAH., Or make a free pick-up from our office. Tell the manager what kind of walkers you are interested in: walkers for the disabled, walkers with wheels, walkers walking and so on. Usually there is everything in stock, but if the warehouse is empty, the manager will order new walkers for you and you will receive them within 1-2 working days, call!

When do you need a walker?

The main arsenal of familiar to all home medical devices is very rarely replenished with something new. Most of us regularly use only a thermometer and a tonometer. But in life there are situations when in the course of rehabilitation after trauma, surgery or stroke, the spectrum of knowledge about medical devices and simulators has to be expanded involuntarily. For example, if coordination of movements and difficulties are not coordinated with unsupported movement in space, doctors often recommend the use of a walker – orthopedic wide range of equipment. With their help, even the elderly, weakened by illness or undergoing rehabilitation after a stroke, can cope with the independent overcoming of considerable distances.

And in the treatment of traumatic lesions of the lower extremities or during the recovery from surgery, walkers help to avoid problems with movement during the passage of therapy. When there is a need for specific medical assistance, the purchase of rehabilitation equipment can not be cheap. It will be much easier to hire a walker for renting an OSD, especially since our company offers its customers the most favorable conditions for short-term and long-term lease of medical equipment in Kiev. For those who need a walker, renting this medical equipment will undoubtedly be the best way out. After all, in this case, you can get rid of the hassle of buying and reselling the unnecessary “vehicle”, and the cost of rolling services will be required only during the period of using medical equipment.


Go-carts for sale

In our store You can purchase new walker OSD at an excellent price! When ordering services for the care of patients Special discounts for rent and sale medical equipment, call!

  1. Go-carts are universal – 1240 UAH.
  2. Go-carts with wheels – 1140 UAH.
  3. Two-level walkers – 1240 UAH.

Go-carts for adults

Go-carts for adult patients, after surgery and with limited mobility

Very light and simple to handle, waiting for your call!

Video review of the walker OSD