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Form and degree of disease, determine the severity of the disease. Accordingly, it also determines the hygienic care of the patient, which can be offered by our center of Family Medicine "Nurse".
What is included in the list of procedures, as hygiene of the patient:

Daily washing, full ablution, provision of the vessel, as well as change of diapers.
Let's stop at each action (all procedures are carried out in medical gloves, with preliminary washing of hands).

Daily Washing:

Washing for lying patients is held in bed. If possible, the patient is pushed to the edge of the bed to provide a comfortable approach to the patient. With complete immobility, the care of the sick includes ezheutrennee and nightly washing, which includes:

(a) washing the eyes;
(b) Cleaning of nasal passages and ears;
(c) Cleaning of teeth, including dentures;
d) for men shaving;
(e) Cosmetic procedures for the face, décolleté, neck;
(f) Compulsory hand washing;
(g) Trimming nails;
(h) Body Wash.
Hygienic Procedures for Eyes:
Daily eye Hygiene includes work to eliminate impurities, fizvydelenij, dried crusts from pus. To do this, the nurse must have: saline, containing antiseptic, capacity, pipette, cotton sponges or gauze.
The sequence of actions includes:
-The solution is poured into the container at the bedside of the patient;
-Sponge wetted and pressed;
-Wiping of the upper eyelid from the outer corner of the eye to the nose;
-The number of treatment can be several before the total removal of all contaminants;
-Disposal of sponge;
-The lower eyelid is treated similarly, only rubbing is carried out from the nose to the outer corner of the eye;
-Washing of conjunctival cavity is made by Plato eyelids and irrigation of Konyunktivalnogo bag by means of pipette;
-disposal of the waste material.
2% Boric acid solution is prepared from 1h. L. Powder and 100 gr of boiled water (warm).

Hygienic procedures for nasal passages:
Daily hygiene of nasal passages includes work to eliminate impurities on the mucous membrane, which complicate the free breathing, with the worsening of the general condition of patients. To do this you must have:
Nasal drops, which include Vaseline or other (medical) oil, cotton harnesses-turundy.
The sequence of actions includes:
-Cotton harness wetted in the nasal oil solution and pressed;
-the tip of the nose lifted and with the help of rotational movements is introduced tourniquet and left for 1-2 minutes;
-With the same movements (rotary) The harness is removed from the nasal passage. The same actions are performed with the other nasal passage. If there are still impurities, these actions can be repeated in a few minutes to achieve complete purification. In the absence of dried contamination, it is enough to rinse the nose with drops for irrigation.

Hygiene of ear Passages:
The daily cleaning of the ear passes is extremely important, as accumulating sulfur leads to the appearance of jams from sulfur, which reduce the hearing, and deliver discomfort to the patient. Daily hygiene of ear passages includes work on elimination of sulfuric discharge. For this purpose it is necessary to have: cotton sticks or plaits, hydrogen peroxide (3%), which can be replaced by "A-cerumen", pipette.
The sequence of actions includes:
-Cleaning (washing) of the shells of the ears and around them;
-Straightening of ear passage;
-With the help of rotary movements the wand is introduced, previously moistened in hydrogen peroxide, which dissolves accumulated sulfur.

Oral hygiene:
Daily oral hygiene includes work to eliminate plaque and food residues. To do this, prepare: toothbrush, paste, sterile sticks, mouthwash, waste fluid, two large tissue napkins or small rushnichki, a special device that can be replaced with a teaspoon, Holding tool, douche. For hygiene Protezirovannoj Dental cavity will require: hydrogen peroxide (3%), chilled water (boiled), a small container for washing, antiseptic pills, used only for dentures, individual vessel for Checkin' Dentures.
The sequence of actions includes:
-rinsing of the mouth;
-Rubbing with the replacement of tissues of gums and teeth in the inner space of the oral cavity, first inside (from the throat to the lips), then behind the cheeks and lips;
-Cleaning of teeth with a brush, with the applied paste, on all internal surfaces on vertical lines (top-bottom and bottom-top);
-rinsing of the patient's mouth;
-removal of the language plaque by means of a damp sponge, a napkin, or a special device (repeat twice);
-The dental cracks are cleaned with the help of dental sticks or dental floss.
Sequence of actions for protezirovannoj dental cavity:
-At night the oral cavity is cleared of dentures;
-Cleaning of dentures with the use of denture brushes and paste;
-rinsing with water or hydrogen peroxide;
-Pure dentures of teeth are stored in the vessel with boiled water;
-Before putting, they need to rinse, and rinse mouth cavity of the ward;
-Every week dentures should soaking at night in a solution of water, with the dissolved pill, for this purpose.
To prevent gingivitis, stomatitis, as well as unpleasant odor, the mouth serviced regularly rinsed, and after eating-necessarily! For this purpose special conditioners, soda or MARGANCOVOCHNYJ solution, broths from herbs intended for a mouth cavity are applied.
In the absence of the possibility of self-rinsing the patient, irrigation is carried out, including the following actions:
-The patient is given a polusidjashhee position, and the breast is closed with an oilcloth;
-a container for receiving flowing water is kept near the mouth;
-Alternately, by boat or spatula, the cheeks are stretched;
-Sprintsovkoj conduct irrigation, first with one, and then on the other side.
In some cases, patients may have cracks or increased dryness of the lips. To avoid this it is necessary to apply hygienic lipstick, or lubricate them with vegetable oil (buckthorn, sunflower, etc.). Cracks are eliminated with the use of such ointments as "Levosin", "Levomikol". In such forms brushing is canceled for a while.
If the patient is in the twilight consciousness, the oral hygiene is carried out as follows:
-the patient is laid side, and the face is located on the edge of the bed;
-Next, the first Rushnychok is placed under the head, and the second on the chest;
-The heads should be lifted, and under a chin to establish a vessel for reception flowing liquid;
-Open the mouth slit;
-carefully, with the use of 3 fingers of the palm open the upper and lower jaws, and insert a spatula;
-index finger with dipped in a solution a napkin, processes a mucous surface of a mouth: palate, Zashhechnoe and zagubnoe space, a gum. And also a dentition, a language, with replacement of used napkins;
-waste material is discarded;
-The tooth row is cleaned with a brush, without the use of toothpaste paste;
-Lubrication of the outer surface of the lips with vegetable oil (buckthorn, sunflower, etc.), hygienic lipstick or applying vaseline;
-Remove Rushnichki;
-Return serviced to its original position.

Shaving procedure:
Being in a healthy position, the person cares for skin of the person, applying cosmetic means. Care is provided not only washing, but also the application of nourishing, moisturizing creams that preserve the skin of the face. This applies to both male and female patients. In addition, for patients of men, sometimes women, you need to shave, which should also be carried out daily. This should be at your fingertips:
A) water vessel (up to + 45 C);
(b) 2 tissue napkins;
(c) Rushnychok;
(d) machine tool;
e) shaving cream, smear;
(f) Film;
g) after-shave liquid.
Before the procedure to check the presence of warts and moles. Obsuzhivaemyj should be in a position, squatting. Cover the chest of the ward with a film. Soak the cloth in hot water, and impose on the face until 5min. It is not necessary for women. Remove the napkin, apply smear cream, and distribute evenly. In women moistened with water areas on the face, where there are hairs. Shaving is done with the skin, opposite to the lines of the machine, in order: Nadgubnaja surface, cheeks, podgubnaja surface of the lower lip, chin and upper neck. Then the face is rubbed first with a wet napkin, with subsequent wiping dry. After the procedure, the tool is applied after shaving, and women-nourishing or moisturizing cream. The film, the machine, the vessel with the used water, the napkin is removed. The patient returns to the initial position of the body. Machine and brush disinfected.

Cutting Nails:
Nails grow quickly, therefore, at times, it is necessary to carry out their haircut, both on hands, and on legs. Before to carry out procedure, at first wash hands or feet of the patient, in comfortable for it conditions. It is necessary to consider, that at dry and rigid nails, hands or feet preliminary soak in warm water. This is useful:

-Vessel with water + 35-40;
-Soap, can be liquid;
-Scissors, cutters;
-Gauze napkins;

Removal of nails on hands is made alternately, first on the right, and then on the left hand.
The chair is placed on the right side of the patient.

Place the tools in a convenient place.
Put the oilcloth under the brush.
On an oilcloth it is necessary to put a vessel with water, and diluted soap.
Lower the brush into water, and leave for a few minutes.
Get a hand and wipe with a towel.
Put the prepared napkin on the oilcloth.
Nails are trimmed, starting from a thumb, and finishing fingering above a napkin, leaving up to 2mm a nail plate protruding above a phalanx.
Nail polishing using nail files.
Final processing of the brush with nourishing cream from the phalanx of the fingers, up the arm.
Removal of nails on legs is made alternately, first on the right, and then on the left hand.
Seat the patient if possible, and lower the feet in warm water with soap and 5min.
Lay out the oilcloth and put a napkin.
Get the foot and wipe with a towel.
Nails cut straight to exclude ingrown nail, starting from the thumb, and ending finger over a napkin, leaving to 2mm the nail plate protruding above the phalanx.
Nail polishing using nail files. Final treatment of foot and toes with nourishing cream from the phalanges of the fingers, up the leg. In conclusion the tool disinfected, and napkins disposed.