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Functional bed for hire

Taking care of lying patients is a very difficult and difficult process that can bring inconvenience not only to a sick person, but also to someone who is next to him daily. Very easy to care for a special functional bed for bedridden patients, which is great for both medical institutions and for home use. The invigoration of the patient creates certain difficulties: after all, you need to put him in bed so that he can take a comfortable pose, feed, wash, side to side. In this case, an ordinary bed does not allow creating the necessary conditions for the patient, and it is not easy for others to care. Therefore, if the family is faced with such difficulties, then a special functional bed becomes a real wand-zashchalochkoy. It is irreplaceable in families caring for people after a stroke, will help people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is irreplaceable to have a two-sectional bed if the person for any reason is forced to sleep with a raised head, for example, because of dyspnea.

Кровать трехсекионная на колесах

Three-seated bed on wheels


Three-section OSD rental

Features a functional bed (medical bed)

Medical bed is adapted to provide the patient with the most comfortable conditions. Thanks to the movable head section, it is possible to achieve a comfortable position for patients with all kinds of diseases. In addition, the bed can be equipped with a bedside trapezoid and handrails, which can be used so that the patient can sit down and change his position on his own. The bed is made of durable metal, due to which it has a long service life. The bed made of steel wire can withstand up to 135 kilograms, so do not be afraid that the bed can not withstand a heavy man.

poruchni OSD

Handrails for the function of the OSD

Трапеция для кровати

Bedside Trapezoid


Bedside table with adjustable

Rental functional bed OSD – 600 UAH. / Month.

Delivery and installation in Kiev – 300 UAH.

If your financial possibilities are limited, then you can take a functional bed for hire. This is also advisable if the person you are following care, is chained to the bed for a short while and doctors give a favorable prognosis for an early restoration of mobility. Of course, in such a situation, buying a functional bed, and then selling it on the secondary market, is unlikely to be a good option. With us you can rent medical equipment for patients: rent will allow not only to create a sick person comfortable, safe conditions, but also to save money that is better spent on drugs and services of doctors.Do not be afraid that the functional bed will not meet your requirements: due to the high strength and quality of materials such beds serve for a very long time. If you need a bed for the sick, renting will be one of the best ways to save money and provide the sick person with comfort.

Sale of functional beds

If necessary, you can purchase a comfortable two-part bed: of course, it usually costs more than usual, but at the same time it allows to provide the patient with comfort, as far as it is possible. Functional bed should be purchased in case you live with an elderly person who has suffered a stroke, a fracture of the neck of the thigh or suffering from other diseases that permanently deprived him of mobility. Here you can buy the model you need at a very favorable price, call!

The medical functional bed will provide access to the patient, help the medical staff to properly care for the patient. The cost of a quality bed – from 10 thousand UAH., We offer you to rent for only 500 UAH per month, we will help with delivery and installation, call!