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Another protective system of the liver

What is produced in the liver under stress?

The organism of each person and any other animal is constantly exposed to some kind of damage, aging, the emergence of infectious, inflammatory and / or cancer diseases. In ordinary life, people are certainly required vitamins, food additives, trace elements, which act as antioxidants or building materials for the synthesis of organelles needed by the body.

The maintenance of energy balance is performed by thioredoxin and glutathione systems in liver cells. It is these systems that ensure the survival of the organism in stressful situations.

energy balance

Necessary for life proteins

Recently, scientists have discovered another hidden reserve biological circuit, which allows the liver to synthesize the proteins necessary for life in the event of damage or disconnection of habitual life support systems.
The researchers artificially interrupted the production of thioredoxin and glutathione in the liver of laboratory mice and saw that the animals had difficulty but could survive. The study of molecular processes that took place in the organisms of experimental rodents made it possible to detect the third antioxidant system providing vital activity.

useful proteins

This system was based on the assimilation by the liver of methionine, a sulfur-containing amino acid, and the subsequent synthesis of proteins necessary to protect and maintain the energy balance of the body. The source of methionine are eggs, fish, nuts and seeds of various cereals.
Based on the results of the research, scientists emphasize the importance of a highly balanced diet of people and believe that only in extreme cases a person needs special artificial food additives

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